Thursday, October 10, 2013

Naughty Boy!

I am a blog-slacker! Forgive me! And now that I'm back with another post, forgive me again because it's just a plug for another person's blog. It's good though and worth re-posting.

We talked about this on the show this morning: What to remember when your little angel misbehaves.

Yours never misbehaves? Neither does mine! Wink. Wink.

It's a quick list and a good read. What spoke to me most was:

#1. You disobey God and He's the PERFECT father.

#3. God disciplines those he loves.
It hurts to say no sometimes, but we do it because we love our children and want what is best for them in the long run.

#9. It's not good behavior you really desire... you want his heart.
So many times I've heard parents force their kids to say "Yes, ma'am" or "Yes, sir". I understand why, but if they are only doing that because you make them and not because they have the respect for you that the phrase implies, then what's the use? That's just one example of "wanting his heart" but you hopefully get my drift.

#10. Your child is a person, not a project.
Preach it! I need to remember this one. It's kinda a "see the forest from the trees" type of mantra. Getting caught up in the discipline and goals we set for our kids can make us lose sight of the fact that they are little people with their own hearts and minds. We are entrusted with them and should help shape and guide them, but we can't look at their little lives with a list and check boxes.

Hope this helps you feel better about the job you're doing as a mom. Give yourself a hug and say, "You can do it!"