Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Free Books!

I'm pretty sure that if I read my boys a different book every night, no repeats, I would be able to go for about 6 months before running out. Yet, we read the same 6 or so week after week. Gradually some rotate out and others come in. Big Red Barn was a hit for a while. As was Curious George - Opposites. I can recite that one in my sleep. "George climbs up! Then jumps down. George rides forward... and backward, too!" I love it when he asks for Just In Case Your Ever Wonder by Max Lucado. It comes out "case wunda", so it's awfully cute, but the message of the book is awesome.  Other books we don't get past page two. They just don't do it for my discerning two-year-old. 

Liam's official seal of approval doesn't come easy, but it's been given to K.D. Brown's, Hi, God. She's a listener who reached out to me and said, "Hey, I've written some books for kids. Here you go! Do what you want with them!" That being said, I have two copies of Hi, God and Four Lucky Leaves, both by K.D. Just shoot me an email if you want one! Hi, God is about a little boy who can't quite figure out how to start a prayer and Four Lucky Leaves is about a four leaf clover that tries to change the way he looks in order to fit in. 

Another cool bit of info, K.D. is teaming up with I Matter Too, a locally-based non-profit organization that mentors and tutors orphaned, abused and neglected children through the love of Christ. Because she wants to give back and help kids, K.D. is donating 100% of her author proceeds from all online sales of both books  from now til September 30th to I Matter Too. Here's more on that!

My apologies for the bad punctuation of all of these book titles. Since I know I'm guilty, does that make it worse?