Monday, February 4, 2013

Did you FF?

The DVR is one of my favorite pieces of modern technology. I love recording shows and skipping commercials or flipping away for a few minutes and being able to rewind when I come back late. Neither my husband nor I had a vested interest in either team in last night's game, so we watched mostly for the commercials. Some of them were pretty clever and some were, in my opinion, a waste of big dollars. Here and there though, was a commercial that I'd be red-faced to watch in front of my parents.

The first ones that come to mind are the GoDaddy make-out commercial, and for once, instead of a half-dressed woman, we saw a Calvin Klein ad with a lot of man without a lot of clothing.

Then came the half-time show. I'm not gonna lie, I'll sing along with Single Ladies till I'm outta breath, but why did Beyonce have to be nearly-bare from the waist down? I know that's kinda her thing, but can we not reach an agreement socially that when it's a "family event" that we raise the taste level a notch?

On a bright note, Jennifer Hudson looked the best she ever has and sang beautifully.

Did you fast-forward through any commercials or the half-time show (or wish you could have)? And more importantly, what kinds of comments did you get from your kids if they saw those ads?

The truth is, we want to see the commercials. We want to know what people are talking about the next day. So how do we not hide our eyes from these pop culture moments, but still have the right answers when our kids ask, "Mom, where are her pants?" Budget cuts?

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