Monday, March 11, 2013

Rest Your Head, Little One. Just Not There.

Warning: Gross factor of about a 2.5 ahead!

I've heard grumblings aplenty from moms regarding the lack of privacy when it comes to time in the ladies room. Yesterday I experienced this on a new level. Liam likes to walk around the bathroom but I usually stop him when he tries to head towards the back of the toilet. That's my limit! Well, yesterday while I was going to the bathroom he must've either felt very loving or very tired because be decided he needed to rest his head on my lap. I was slightly disgusted, but more flattered.

There comes a point in every person's life when the gross outweighs the love. I love my mom and my husband, but resting my head in their "lap" is just not gonna happen!! And I have a feeling they are just fine with this. But there is something so beautiful and pure about the connection a child feels to his mother. It's so strong that there is no other thought of what could be proper or expected at this moment. He just wants to be by mom! Who cares if she is mid-pee!

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