Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Not that I need an excuse to eat ice cream...

Mercy never tasted so good!
On Sunday I was thinking about ice cream during church. Oops. Can I use the pregnancy excuse? Here's the back story though: A new ice cream joint opened up in Brandon and I mentioned it a couple of times on the air. Apparently my enthusiasm for the ice cream was contagious and more than a few people ended up going in and saying they heard about it from me. By the way, if you want to go enjoy some wacky & delicious ice cream, check out The Revolution. Yum...

My mom and I were chatting about the number of people who referred to me at The Rev and I said, "I must speak pretty passionately about ice cream. I'm pretty convincing!" She said, "You DO!" So on Sunday, I'm in church thinking about this and this question entered my mind: Abby, do you speak as passionately about your faith as you do about ice cream? It's clear that you love ice cream. Is it clear that you love your faith?

Maybe you're not a fan of ice cream. Unless you're lactose intolerant, I take serious issue with that, but I'm now is not a time to argue. Is there something else in your life that you love so much that in just one or two sentences you could "sell it". Because that's really all the time I devoted to talking about The Revolution on the air. Wouldn't it be cool if our love for Jesus was so alive and exciting that it wouldn't take a long sit-down chat or argument to give someone else the desire to know Him too?

I shared the above thoughts on the air the other day and my buddy, Colleen sent me this link with the comment, "I'd like to think you we're just tying your faith into more tangible 'loves' here on Earth...CLEARLY you were thinking about these at Mass!" This past Sunday was Divine Mercy Sunday and the link is to... wait for it... DIVINE MERCY SUNDAES!!!

I missed the boat on these and I don't have children old enough to use as an excuse for making them as a way to illustrate our faith, but who cares! I say make 'em anyway! Apparently the site also has "Trinity Sundaes" and "Pentecost Sundaes" (and both are coming up in May)! They are a great way to treat and teach the kiddos at the same time!

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