Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's Nothing Special

Photo copyright 2015 Abby Brundage.
 All rights reserved.
I took this picture of my 3-year-old last weekend. Sometimes I can't resist the urge to show off pictures of him because I think he's the most handsome, lovable kid in town. I found myself showing this to a friend with the caveat, "I have to show you this. It's nothing special. He's just making a silly face, but I think he's cute."

And yeah, really, there's nothing particularly remarkable about the photograph. It's even a little blurry. If I had to go through and *gasp!* delete photos, it would probably not make the cut. Yet, I see something so special when I look at it. I see his gentle hands. His silly toes. His expressive eyes. I see love, warmth, sweetness, challenges, growth, adventure!

How would God look at the photos He snaps of us? I'm sure he has an Instagram account and applies the perfect filter before posting (I hear He likes "Valencia")! I seriously doubt he would ever say, "Eh, it's nothing special." or "Just a silly moment. No biggie." When he looks at even the messy, blurry moments He still sees love. He still sees this person he created and wants to see grow.

We focus on our flaws, our sins and our shortcomings so much that I bet God is saying, "Enough already! Why can't you see yourself the way I do?" How would it change the way we interact with God if we saw ourselves through His eyes? Through the eyes of a proud parent who loves us down to the oddest detail.

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  1. very beautiful. we have to be reminded about that fact every day.