Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mom Squad Blog Giveaway - The Mass Box

"Preach it!" I actually said those words while watching the intro video on The mom-dad team who created The Mass Box recalled that they want to do crafts and activities with their kids that help them grow in their faith and prepare for Sunday, but by the time they search out the idea and get the materials together they are out of energy and patience. Yep. We are in the same boat, my friends!

So imagine my excitement that as I was hearing these words in the video, my boys were unloading their Mass Box and all the perfectly packaged craft materials and instructions (for all of Lent!) were there, ready and waiting!

Photo copyright 2016 Abby Brundage. All rights reserved.

Photo copyright 2016 Abby Brundage. All rights reserved.
Here's the gist according to The Mass Box team:

Introducing the Mass Box - a program for 3-7 year olds to help your family get ready for each and every Mass with craft supplies, kids missals, and coloring sheets delivered every month to your door!

We take the work out of getting ready for Mass so that your family can spend time together preparing instead of searching the internet for ideas and collecting craft materials. Everything is ready, and we've even made a YouTube show called Catholic Crafts with Clare to help prepare you and get children excited about the Mass and the crafts.

We are in a pilot in the Mass Box for Lent 2016. Trial kits are in the mail now! We begin full production - for every Sunday and Holy Day - at the end of Advent. Please pre-subscribe for your family to receive the Mass Box starting in Advent!

I'm part of this pilot program for The Mass Box and lucky you - you can be too! I have one to give away. The only requirements: 
1. You have to "like" The Mass Box on Facebook and post pics of your kids doing the activities.You're a guinea pig, after all. 
2. You have to come pick it up here at Spirit FM

Here's how to enter - just post in the comments what you are doing this Lent - are you giving something up? Adding extra prayer time to your day? I'd love to hear your ideas! I'll pick a winner at 6pm tonight and post an update on the blog with the winner's name. 

The first activity is Ash Wednesday and there's one for this coming Sunday, so you'll miss a couple of activities, but this particular box takes us all the way to Easter Sunday. My favorite parts so far -
The instructional video starring their daughter, Clare. I like that it takes the guess work out of the craft for us less-artsy folk. I also love that in the conversation between Clare and her dad, Clare isn't reading a script that makes her sound older than she is. He asks her a question and she says, I don't know! And dad gets to teach her. Hooray for honesty! Here are the results of our first go at The Mass Box!

*Update - I wish I had four to give away! Kathleen is the winner!



  1. I love this idea for a subscription box! For this Lent, I'm giving up coffee. It's a daily habit for me, but I'm going to try to find other ways to perk up my energy throughout the day while taking care of my two little ones under two!

  2. For Lent I'm adding extra prayer time to my day by dedicating time for the Daily readings during the first portion of my only alone time - my kid's coinciding nap. I'm always so tired by my own bedtime that I sometimes fall asleep praying my rosary and haven't been consistent about the daily readings, so I think this sacrifice of time will be a good change for me. I would be thrilled to win the Mass Kit. My kids love crafts and I've been wanting to find better ways to teach them Scripture and about our faith. I'm so glad I stumbled across this product!

    1. Congrats, Kathleen! You win The Mass Box. Email me!

  3. I have decided to give up wine for lent and add daily devotionals as part of my prayer/reflection time. We have also decided to incorporate doing works of mercy and friends have planned a playdate where the kids can get together and also prepare blessing bags to give out to the homeless.

  4. I'm doing a random act of kindness everyday during Lent. As a first grade catechist and mom of three young children, I'm excited about this mass kit! I think it will be a super handy tool to use in the classroom and at home to prepare for mass!

  5. From us here at the Mass Box - thank you so much!! It's great to hear that we are not alone in these struggles. And no - Clare is DEFINITELY not using a script. It's really great to hear that her being naturally who she is helps others.

  6. This is a wonderful idea and concept! I love it!! As a family we have decided to add two additional family meal times to our week and assign a day per week that each of our children will pick which prayer we say. I hope this is something that we continue because we will love it so much even after Lent. I have some personal lent objectives that include more daily prayer time, a prayer journal, and some other additions to my daily life.