Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Be - The Journey of Rol, A Free eBook for Your Young Reader!

My sister was a big reader when we were younger. She read all the Nancy Drew and Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. I think she was into The Babysitters Club too. Me? Not so much. My mom used to buy me all the Calvin & Hobbes comic books because she was just happy I wanted to read something. Anything! 

Just like when we were kids, there are a lot of options for pre-teens/tweens/whatever we are calling kids age 9-12 these days, but not all of the options are going to feed their minds with things that are good. Enter, Be - The Journey of Rol by Ric Colegrove.

In Be - The Journey of Rol, the main character, Rol, is a fourteen-year-old boy whose guardian-and-mentor uncle unexpectedly disappears. Faced with the life-determining decision to travel the easy path or the long, difficult route to return home and reunite with his family, Rol chooses the latter. He encounters, among other interesting characters and creatures, traveling companions Kearth and Fhfyrd, whose relentless banter both entertains and antagonizes Rol throughout his journey. In his quest, Rol is forced to confront internal and external obstacles, learning to rely on his positive attitude, as well as hope, for a successful outcome.

There aren't many books that can provide your young reader inspiration, values, faith, and humor, so if you want a copy of Be - The Journey of Rol there are a couple of ways to get one! 

1. The first person to email me at abby@spiritfm905.com with the subject line, "I want a copy of the book!" will win a copy.

2. The eBook version of the book is free on Amazon.com (http://amzn.to/1v7ASs2) - but only until the end of the day today (5/5/15)!!

Read more about Be - The Journey of Rol here.

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  1. Thanks for the support, Abby. And you can’t go wrong with Calvin & Hobbes.

    I wrote Be: The Journey of Rol for my son, Andrew, and kids in his age group, because there are so many things out there that don’t have the best interests of pre-teens and teens in mind.

    Kids face a variety of mixed messages and distractions. If we can be positive examples and provide messages of hope and faith, then we are called to do that for their sake. In the story I combined humor and adventure with life lessons that children can relate to. Kids like the book for the fun and interesting characters and situations, while parents and teachers embrace the good messages and creative wordplay.

    It’s all in an effort to provide an enjoyable experience that has valuable takeaways. I hope your blog readers and SpiritFM listeners enjoy the book. May God bless you for your great works.