Thursday, September 27, 2012


I don't know much about money. I DO know how to spend it, and I'm OK at saving it, but when it comes to investing, I'm pretty clueless. I leave that to my husband and the professionals. I know that it's always been said that real estate is a good investment, but as of late that is debatable. One thing I am confident in though is that when you spend time with your children, you are making a good investment. Moments teaching, laughing, praying, hugging... all of those are time well spent.

I firmly believe that time spent listening to Spirit FM with your children is also a good investment. Just this morning a listener made a gift online and said she used to listen to the Veggies when driving the kids to school. Her son is now 20 and has made some bad decisions lately. She's praying for him, but still scared. She heard the "Hairbrush Song" the other day and texted him, "Oh, where is my hairbrush?" and he replied with the next line and they went back and forth for several lyrics. In that moment, she was reminded that the seeds she had sewn in her son back when he was a little one had rooted. The foundation that was laid was still there. She found comfort in that and I'm so glad she did because it's the truth.

If you've been listening to Shareathon, hopefully you've heard me mention The Mom Squad Challenge. Over the years, Josh and I have always given $30 per month to Spirit FM. Now that we have Liam, I am experiencing this station in a totally different way. I hear ALL radio and see ALL television in a different way. I know I can't shelter my son from everything, nor do I want to, but I am so blessed to have this station! We've made the decision to increase our monthly giving to $50. My goal for this Shareathon was to see 99 other people match that gift. It's a gift of $600 over the entire year. Would you please consider it? We'd love to end Shareathon today, tomorrow at the latest. So can you make a gift online now? Make a Mom Squad note in the comments!

Sometimes it takes a negative experience to knock some sense into us and this was mine: On my drive home the other day I was flipping stations and I landed upon one where the personality was teasing the next topic. "Coming up next: Who in your life are you most tempted to cheat on your spouse with?" I shook my head and changed back to Spirit FM asking- Why are we glorifying this? Why are we joking about this? Why are we encouraging people to explore this line of thought? Liam wasn't in the car with me and he wouldn't know what they were saying even if he was, but I'd bet my life that many children and teenagers did hear that AND THAT'S WHY I SUPPORT SPIRIT FM. Because we need something better. We need it for ourselves as adults and we need it for the sake of our children.

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