Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Mish-Mash

Do you remember the first time you wrote your name tagged with a crush's last name? "Abby Lawrence" might have been my first one (yes, I was going to marry Joey Lawrence from Blossom. I would've been destined to a life of flannel!). Our kids start thinking about marriage and who that lucky guy or girl is going to be way before dating age. So what's going through those little heads? Here's a printable from iMOM with conversation starters about who your kiddos think they'll marry. I'd love to hear their answer to "What makes a good husband/wife?"

How about the awesome Mom Squad Bloggers? Julie gives a big pat on the back to Spirit FM here and reflects on the first time she tuned in. Do you remember the first time you heard Spirit FM. Has God blessed your life through the music and ministry? I sure hope so. Thank you, Julie for the kind words!

If you're an animal-lover, your heart is gonna go out to Danielle. I love her quote, “Lord, help me to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.” She just went through a tough time with one of her doggies and took it as an opportunity to reflect on unconditional love.

And one last thing, have you signed up to walk with me on November 10th at the American Heart Association's Heart Walk? It's the next Mom Squad event! It's at Raymond James Stadium at 9am. We have a team fundraising goal of $1500, but it's free to sign up. You can bring the whole family! What a fun opportunity to represent Spirit FM and our Christian community! Sign up here.

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