Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Liam, in awe of Tigger & Poo
 Those immortal words of the late, great Walt Disney are true aren't they? Unless "it" is taking your family of 5 to Disney World and then, you can only do it if you take out a small loan. My husband and I don't buy many gifts for each other, but we do splurge and get seasonal passes to Disney. It's a nice getaway. We will even hop over to the park for an afternoon and grab dinner. We just renewed our passes last weekend and I was so proud of myself for renewing on time because we saved $30 per pass! Pretty savvy of me, huh? Until I was given the total and the man explained that the price of the passes went up and the "savings" actually just covered the increase. Ugh. Still a savings, but not the price I was expecting to pay.

Mom Squad Blogger, Danielle just sent me a link to this site that at first got me very excited and then I realized the title is misleading. It's A coupon to Disney?! Awesome! Wait. It says, "Couponing" not "Coupon." Upon further exploration, I still see the value in this site. Like Mom Squad blogger Kati's "other" site,, it lists tons of money saving tips and coupons. And the gist is that all your scrimping and saving is to reach the end goal of forking over the cash for the Disney tickets. Keep in mind- you shouldn't buy things you normally wouldn't just to "save" money. The best way to save is to not spend!

I like the idea behind this site because it's always easier to stick to a discipline if you have a goal set. Maybe you're saying, "Abby, I coupon with the goal to pay my electric bill!" I understand!

Check out the site when you have a sec. She even has a section where you can see how she builds her Disney fund. I thought this entry was interesting: $20 deposit: I offered 2 friends a ride and they gave me gas money. I told them I would put it in the fund since I was driving there anyways. And then there was this one: $43.99 deposit– Cancelled our gym membership through the holidays. There is no way we can find the time to go for the next 3 months. Hubby works retail and we are moving next month, so there is no time! We decided to cancel it so we can rejoin with a better deal.

Fresh, new ideas about saving money, for whatever goal you have in mind.

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