Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday's Weekly Wecipe

I've been told I look a bit like Rachel Ray. For a while there, every time I would change my hairstyle she would change hers to the same cut. Coincidence? I own a couple of her cookbooks and have most 30-Minute Meals down to about 55 minutes. 

That is where I got this week's recipe: Southwestern Pasta Bake. As you can probably tell, I have an issue with pasta. I love it more than I should. The other day blogger, Danielle told me that doctors recommend that women over 40 cut out pasta, potatoes & rice. I said, "That means I only have 7.5 pasta-eating-years left!" 

I swapped out the chicken in this recipe for ground beef. We are having chicken later in the week and it's just too darn expensive to buy for multiple nights. I also left out the coriander. 

Yes, that is oil splattered on the page. I'm a messy cook.

It was pretty tasty, but I didn't add enough salt. It's not healthy. Not one bit. 

Large Man Says: 6 out of 10. He observed that it is like fancy Hamburger Helper. I made it a point to add that it lacks the gallons salt and other crazy preservatives. 
Fire Extinguisher Readiness (difficulty level): 4 out of 10. The only thing that made this slightly tricky is that it involved some multitasking as it got down to the end. 

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  1. Abby, you are very funny! I see the resemblance to Rachel! What the heck is coriander anyway?! Kraft also has easy, tasty recipes on their website; they'll send you a recipe email and you can subscribe to their magazine.