Monday, October 22, 2012

The Next Mom Squad Event!

Moms are the heart of the family. They patch up boo-boos, dry tears from a broken heart and cheer the loudest at the game. What would a family be without mom?

The scary truth is, many families are being robbed of their moms because of a lack of knowledge. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in our country, more than any kind of cancer. Yet, when we picture a heart attack victim, one rarely sees a woman. Because of this, women not only ignore the symptoms of heart disease, we don't even know the symptoms!

Let's work (and walk) together to help raise awareness about heart disease and keep more moms around to see their families grow up. The American Heart Association's Heart Walk is Saturday, November 10th at Raymond James Stadium. It's a 3-mile walk and you can bring the whole family (my husband is coming)! It's free to participate, but we would love to raise $1500 as a team. If you raise $100 you get the official Heart Walk t-shirt. Join the team by clicking here (even if you just want to come out and walk and not raise money. We just want to know who's coming!).

If you can't come but want to support the Spirit FM Mom Squad Team you can also give here.

On a personal note, earlier this year my mother-in-law who is 60, three inches taller than me and probably 10 pounds lighter than me had a series of heart attacks. She came over one day complaining of pain in her abdomen. We figured gall bladder. Two nights later she texted saying she drove herself to the ER. She rattled off her symptoms and they immediately sent in a cardiologist. She had something like 95% blockage in one artery, had a stent put in and is now in physical therapy. Oh, and did I mention she's an avid walker? Miles a day! It doesn't make sense, but that's the way heart disease works. So read up on the symptoms and make yourself a priority so your family can have you around for many years to come.

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