Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Mom Squad Bloggers & YOU!

Hi Moms! Have you checked out Julie's blog lately? She reminds us that there is an opportunity to grow in holiness through even the most monotonous of tasks. Thanks for the encouragement, Julie! I'll bring my laundry over to your house next week!

Is your child a cuddler? My son has just started to put his head on me and suck his thumb (for like 3.2 seconds), but until this point, he hasn't ever stopped for long enough to do anything that could be called cuddling. In her latest blog, Jennifer reflects on her son's recent tummy ache which led to a day of snuggling. God used that to talk to her about how much he wants to cuddle with us!

Have you ever gone overboard on a birthday party? For her daughter's recent festivities, Danielle says, "We stopped short at giving everyone a My Little Pony and a Disney cruise!" How do I get an invitation next year, Danielle? She didn't go that far, but makes a good point with the question, "We just get caught up in this continuous  flow of nonstop birthday parties, Pinterest, and TLC design shows--who has the will power to resist?!"

Are you interested in writing a guest entry for the Mom Squad Blog? Email your entry to me at Has God revealed himself to you in some way through your children? Do you have a great tip to share? The sky is the limit! Remember, keep it light, fun and inspiring! Oh, and 500 words or less please!

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