Thursday, January 3, 2013

10 Things Your Family Can Focus on in the New Year | iMOM

10 Things Your Family Can Focus on in the New Year | iMOM

I'd bet the vast majority of resolutions are for the individual. After all, it's not very nice to tell someone else they need to lose a few pounds. I can hear it now, "Dear, this year, you're resolving to stay away from the cupcakes!" Yikes. But wow about a Family New Year's Resolution this year? It's something you can focus on to improve the way your family loves and interacts with one another and those around you. A big plus of the family goal is that you can keep each other in line. You have multiple accountability partners!

I love some of these suggestions from iMOM. My favorites:
1. MORE SLEEP! Ain't nothin' wrong with that!
2. MORE SURPRISES! I love surprises! (See, Baby # 2) The gist of this is to have a "Surprise Captain" each month. He or she gets to come up with an idea that is a surprise for the rest of the family. Fernando's first thought, "What if the Surprise Captain says 'Ice cream for dinner!'?" I say- it's only one time and yum! If you have multiple young children who might need assistance in being the S.C., maybe assign one to your husband so you're not bearing the brunt of the work each moth.
3. MORE PATIENCE! This goes for everyone. Parents towards kids. Siblings towards each other. Husband towards wife. Great idea!

I'd add to iMOM's list, Family Prayer Time. Now don't feel the need to bite off more than you can chew. Just try adding little moments to your day. Maybe as you start the car on the way to school you say a quick thank you to God for the day ahead. Or maybe instead of individual bedtime prayers you gather in one bedroom and pray together, listing what made the day special.

Just because it's not January 1 that doesn't mean you can't take this idea to "your people" and start fresh next week. Try one a month and see what happens!

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