Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All the Wrong vs the Right

Deep thoughts come to me on my morning commute. It's dark out, so maybe there are less distractions with the lack of sunlight. Perhaps this isn't the deepest thought ever, but I wanted to share it anyway in case you are finding yourself questioning how you're doing as a parent.

I can question and point out a bazillion things that I am probably doing wrong: Is he napping enough? Am I keeping his teeth clean? Is he eating too many processed foods (see picture)? Does he know what "NO" means yet? Is he on track with his verbal skills? I know these questions will grow in number and complication as my boy grows older.

One thing that I can say without a doubt though, is that this kiddo knows he is loved. The hugs and kisses and smiles and affection he receives MUST communicate to him that he has people in his life who think he's the bees knees and would lay down their lives for him in a fraction of a heartbeat. So while the plaque builds, and the tantrums ring out, I can take a deep breath and say, "We are doing something right." And thankfully, it's the most important thing.

In case you ever doubt that you're doing a good enough job, tell your son or daughter you love him or her and you can have a moment of rest.


  1. Whenever I feel like I'm going to overwhelmed by the responsibilities of mothering 3 kids, working full time, taking care of a home, and trying to be a good wife, I watch this little video. It's not much -- in fact, it's an ad from Johnson's baby products -- but it always makes me feel a bit better about being an imperfect, yet greatly loved, mom.