Monday, January 21, 2013

Grandparents & Footprints (Not the Poem)

I think the reason grandparents have so much fun with our kids is not only because, as the joke goes, they get to return them at the end of the day, but also because they've finally got the joy of parenting figured out.

A few days ago my parents stopped by for a quick visit. When they arrived Liam and I were playing in the front yard. It had rained a few hours earlier, so the shady parts of the yard were still a little wet.

We got our toys together and headed up the sidewalk. My mom said, "Look at those little feet!" I looked back and both Liam and I had left footprints on the sidewalk. His tiny prints were perfectly formed and perfectly cute. I thought to myself about how I never would've noticed them if she hadn't said something.

We don't always have a chance to "check out the footprints" or step back and take it all in. Many times there is some disciplining or cleaning up that needs to be done or we just don't notice. I think that's ok. We can't be too hard on ourselves, but I DO think that we need to take a break from being parents every now and again to see God's amazing work manifested in our little ones. And for the record, I don't mean we need to take more pictures. Increasingly so, our lives are in jpg files instead of our hearts.

There is so much beauty in those little moments or footprints in this case. Let's all try to look for them, instead of needing them to be pointed out to us or missing them all together. I don't know about you, but I have a feeling the little print I saw will be as big as mine before I know it.

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