Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Down, Lots to Go!

By now, most of our kiddos have had their first day of school. So, how did it go? How did YOU handle it? 

I love scrolling through my Facebook feed & seeing all the pics people have posted of their backpack-clad kids, some with huge smiles and others looking totally miserable. It cracks me up. This morning, Mom Squad Blogger, Danielle brought her daughter Lulu into the studio before she headed to class for the first day of kindergarten. Talk about adorable! I love a kid in a plaid jumper! After she walked her to class Danielle came back and told us she cried - by she, I mean Danielle, not Lulu. I don't blame her one bit. As she recounted the moment when her daughter walked away I teared up too! She mentioned how brave she thinks her little 5-year-old is. She knew she was scared, but when they called her team, she mustered up the guts to let go of mom and join the group. Check out Danielle's blog post. I love Lulu's line of questioning on the way to school, "When will we go on a field trip?”  "Will we have art today?" “Is my PE teacher a boy or a girl?”  “Can I just go to my old school?"

Sometimes kids have a hard time with separation. I speak from experience! My sister used to walk me to class in elementary school and I'd cry when she left my side. Sometimes a little note in the lunchbox is a great way to remind your son or daughter that you're rooting for him or her and that you are sending your love. Here's a really sweet idea for a sandwich wrap and it includes a link to print them yourself.

Tomorrow morning I'll be sharing a Back to School prayer. Eh, it might be a little late since most kids have gone back, but really, is it ever too late for prayer?

Do you have any fun first day stories to share? 

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  1. I think you should post the photo of you sobbing when I went off to college. :)