Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Winner & Being Women-less

Congratulations to Roxanne! She won the t-shirt from Thanks to everyone else for entering and of course, for sharing the scripture that you lean on as a mom.

I was watching TV on Saturday & I saw a preview for a new series coming to Lifetime. It's called, "The Week the Women Went." It's a social experiment where all the women in a town leave for a week. Here's a quick synopsis:

Lifetime dives deep into the gender gap issue to answer these questions by bringing a daring social experiment to life by removing the women from one American town in the major program event, "The Week the Women Went." The unscripted series will explore modern gender roles and find out what happens when all of the women leave town, leaving the men behind to run their households, businesses and community on their own.

What do you think this experiment will reveal? In my opinion, one week of being women-less isn't enough to really have an impact. Or maybe it is! :) I'm curious to see how the community as a whole reacts. I can predict the effects on an individual family, but when it comes to business and social interaction, that's where I think it will get interesting.

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