Thursday, July 5, 2012

Get to Know Danielle!

Danielle is what her doctors lovingly referred to as of “Advanced Maternal Age.”  That means old!  When she found out at nearly 40 she was going to be a Mom she was terrified, scared to death, panicked--all mixed with a little bit of elated!  It was through the gift of her daughter’s birth that Danielle found her faith.  

Having been raised without much of a faith foundation or understanding, Danielle’s blog is a journal of everyday life for this mom of one, trying to raise her daughter to be a faith-filled person in a society that isn’t always tolerant . . . in a household that isn’t always tolerant.  

Danielle is a recent convert to the Catholic faith and lives with her husband of 16 years, who is a self-described “hopeful agnostic.”  Life can get pretty sticky sometimes. . .especially raising a daughter when the parents have two very different points of view!

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