Thursday, July 26, 2012

All By Myseh-eh-elf!

Can you hear Celine Dion's voice in that title? How do you feel about being alone? Most moms crave alone time. They welcome even 20 minutes where they aren't being asked a question, or being touched or settling an argument. Ask moms what they want for Mother's Day and you'll get a lot of answers along the lines of, "I want to take a shower without someone banging on the bathroom door or trying to have a conversation with me through the curtain!"

When you do get a moment alone, what do you do with it? Are you comfortable being alone? Mom Squad Blogger, Danielle has some great thoughts about that and the need for us to teach our children the skill of being alone:

Yesterday, the boss man was talking about Sunday’s Mass readings (Jeremiah 23: 1-6 and Mark 6: 30-34) and about the message of “hope” one could find in the scripture. I knew the passages well—yet, I had an entirely different interpretation. I was stuck on the need to “come away by yourselves. . .and rest a while.”  The need to replenish, refresh and retreat!  Especially in the retreat part, (as in escape) that is where I find hope! Now is that nature or nurture?  I don’t know.  

I think people should learn how to be alone with themselves. It seems like a good skill to teach our children; yet I think it is something that many of us are uncomfortable with.  We fear silence.  We hate being still.  A lot of good can come from those quiet, still moments! And lets face it, we all do need to recharge our batteries from time to time.  This is the only way we can truly be present to others. 

She also reflects on growing up away from family. As Floridians many of us are transplants or military. Check out Danielle's blog for tips on helping your kids stay close to their loved ones from whom they are separated.


  1. I never used to like being alone until I had a son. Now I enjoy the silence. It's not that I enjoy him being gone, because I do feel lonely without him - but it gives me time to relax and really HEAR what God is trying to tell me. It also gives me a chance to reflect and evaluate things that need change and improvement. It's not very often I get to spend alone, so I do cherish those moments. When I know I'm going to be alone I crank the A/C way down, get the Bible on the nightstand, lay out some good movies and my favorite blanket - as soon as I walk in the door I run up the stairs and plop in the bed!

    1. Those conditions would put me right to sleep!